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How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger? Easy Ways Guide

The various methods for charging your Apple Watch will all be covered in this blog post. Many people are still getting to grips with all of the peculiarities and features of the Apple Watch, even though it has been available for a while. Can you charge the watch without the magnetic charger, for instance? How do I charge my Apple Watch without a charger?

Use your Apple Watch’s hidden port as the first option. The port is situated on the bottom band’s clasp slot. Lifting a small cap reveals a six-pin port. Continue reading to discover simple techniques!

How to Charge Your Apple Watch With Regular Charger?

Before we demonstrate how to charge your apple watch without a charger, let me first show you how to charge it with a standard charger.

The following steps will show you how to charge the Apple Watch:

  • Take your Apple Watch off your wrist before charging it.
  • The charging cable should now be connected to a USB port or a USB power outlet.
  • Finally, place the concave side of the charger against the back of your watch.
  • After you’ve placed your smartwatch’s back on the Apple Charger, line it up and secure it using the charger’s magnets.
  • A green lightning bolt symbol will show up on the screen once everything is lined up properly.
  • Your Apple Watch may need two to three hours to charge completely. Take the Apple watch quickie out of the charger after the battery has finished charging.

Your watch can be charged while you’re on the go by connecting it to a portable battery pack.

You can use other charging accessories for your devices that Apple has approved and accredited. You should be aware that the charging interface is the same for all Apple watches. Consequently, you can charge any series of Apple watches using the same charger.

Apple Watch

Is It Possible to Charge An Apple Watch Without a Charger?

Your Apple Watch can be charged without a charger. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you’ll need to exercise creativity and use one of the strategies we’ve listed below to do so.

Your Apple watch will display a red lightning bolt symbol when the battery is low. This implies that you must charge it. When charging your watch, exercise caution. Make sure to follow the correct procedure.To charge your Apple watch, the proper tools must be used. Though it’s not difficult, beginners may find it challenging. Don’t worry if you leave your charger at home or lose it while you’re away from it. Without it, your watch will still be able to charge. Continuing reading if you don’t have the charger is advised.

How to Charge Your Apple Watch Without a Charger?

If you don’t have a charger for your Apple Watch, you can charge. You can use some of the methods we’ve listed below to achieve this, but you’ll need to use your imagination to make it work. When your Apple watch’s battery is low, a red lightning bolt symbol will appear.

This indicates that it requires charging. But be careful not to overcharge your watch. You need the right tools in order to charge your Apple Watch. The procedure isn’t difficult, but novices might find it difficult.

Do not worry if your Charger has been lost or if you are not at home. Your watch can still be charged in spite of this. If you don’t have a charger, keep reading to find out how to charge an apple watch without one.

Method 1: Use Hidden Port Trick

Well, let’s first learn about the history of this if you have an Apple Watch and want to know how to charge it without a charger.

Soon after the Apple Watch was introduced, a secret port was found in the band’s bottom.

A six-pin port that seems to have no purpose is revealed after removing the cap.

But when you experience issues with your watch, Apple specialists will be able to use it. Apple establishes a connection to this diagnostic port in order to set up and improve the Apple Watch software.

In 2015, when some people realized the port could do more than that, it had also demonstrated its ability to charge your watch more quickly. In the meantime, Reserve Strap developed the first battery band for the Apple Watch with the intention of making this a reality. This band allowed you to charge your device while wearing your watch.

This allowed them to show that, compared to using the standard Apple Watch charger, conductive charging through the diagnostic port caused the watch to charge 6-7% faster.

Apple quickly discontinued this product due to safety issues with electrical sparks, overheating, and the dangers of on-the-wrist charging.

Apple’s patent for a battery band that can be charged on the wrist has not advanced significantly up to this point.

Method 2: the Batfree Power Strap by Togvu

Eventually, in 2019, a company by the name of Togvu developed an Apple Watch charging band that could be worn to charge your watch while it was being charged.

They were referred to as Batfree Power Straps. A few of the charging bands were available for preorder via Kickstarter so that the project could be funded and shipped.

Despite the fact that this project was started a few months ago, the individuals in charge of it have not provided customers with a refund or information on how the chargers are coming along.

Method 3: Use Apple Watch Power Charger

If your Apple Watch lacks a hidden port, you will need to find a different way to charge it. Your watch can be charged in other ways besides using a charger. So, let’s check what the other ways to get a solution on how to charge Apple Watch without a charger are:

1. Use the USB Charger

Therefore, how do you charge an Apple Watch without a charger? You can use a USB charger to recharge your Apple Watch on any Mac, Laptop, or even a PC. It also has a USB connection, which makes it more practical than a standard cable.

It is portable in addition to being simple to use. When you’re on the go, you can hang them from your bag or other keys as a keychain.

This is a fantastic alternative option for those who forgot to bring the charging cable from home if you don’t want to carry an extra piece of equipment.

2. Use a Portable Battery Pack

When charging an Apple Watch in a hostile environment, a portable power bank can be useful. If you are without a charger but your watch needs to be charged, these battery packs can come to your rescue.

However, use the USB charging cable that came with your Apple Watch to connect the battery pack to the watch. The watch will then receive a charge from the power bank.

So, this is another that you can consider if you are looking for some solution on how to charge Apple Watch without a charger.

3. Use IPhone’s Charger

Apple iPhone chargers can be used to charge Apple Watches in place of chargers. Nearly everyone who owns an iPhone also has a charger.

Only a wall outlet must be used to tether the Charger to your Apple Watch. The watch will start charging right away after being turned on. Therefore, it’s a viable option for charging your Apple Watch in challenging circumstances.

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Does Apple Watch Come Charged?

Although the Apple Watch does come with some battery life, it is best to charge it all the way to 100% before using it for the first time. It can be plugged into a power source using the magnetic charging cable that is provided.

Can I Use My iPhone Charger to Charge My Apple Watch?

The plug-in component that has a USB input, in other words: Yes.

No, the component that plugs into your iPhone. Use the Apple Watch charger that was provided with it.

How Do I Charge My iPhone and Apple Watch at the Same Time?

Using the same charger to power both your iPhone and Apple Watch is simple. Just put them on a stand or other Qi wireless charging compatible surface. The two devices will then both receive power from an inductive charger at the same time.

For charging an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, a stand is available for purchase. Or, any wireless charger that has received the Qi certification should function properly. Before using the charger, make sure that it is compatible with both devices.


As you can see from the information above, we have talked about charging your Apple Watch without a charger. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it to be helpful.

To summarize, remember that the only way to charge the Apple Watch—since there is no other way—is by using the device’s secret port. That’s all for now, I guess. This manual, we hope, has been beneficial to you. Comment below and let us know if you have any additional information.

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