About Us

LiveGreenHome is a media platform devoted to disseminating up-to-date knowledge about designing, constructing, and remodeling homes that are robust, energy-efficient, healthy, and climate-friendly.

The rapidly growing universe of connected devices in our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even garages and bathrooms is the focus of LiveGreenHome, which is wholly dedicated to green smart home and related gear.

Apartment and home owners can find reviews and guides on streaming video and cord-cutting services, TVs, soundbars, and multi-room speaker systems, home security, smart lighting, tabletop digital assistants, and much more. LiveGreenHome has everything you need that’s brand-new, cutting-edge, and designed to improve life at home.

By improving in their areas of passion, we enable creative people to live lives that are more fulfilling, meaningful, and connected.

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