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How To Change Calorie Goal On Apple Watch? Updated 2023

If you know how to use it properly, your Apple Watch’s calorie counter can be a useful fitness tool. The Stand and Exercise goals on your Apple Watch are pre-set, but the Move goal needs to be customized for you.

Although your watch might suggest changing your Apple Watch Move goal automatically, you can also make the necessary changes by hand. How to change calorie goal on apple watch?

Through the Activity app, you can modify your Apple Watch’s activity goals. Move, Exercise, and Stand are the three activity goals you can change at any time.

Continue reading to learn how to change your calorie goal step by step.

How To Change The Move Goal On The Apple Watch?

Not even in the Activity or Apple Watch apps, you cannot change this setting on your iPhone. So locate the Activity app first on your Apple Watch.

  • Open Activity
  • Swipe up or across to bring the rings into view, if necessary
  • Force press on the rings
  • Tap Change Move Goal
  • Tap the plus or minus icons to increase or decrease the calories goal
  • Press Update

For the new Move Goal, you can rotate the Digital Crown but not type or dictation a number. Normally, the Watch displays a large, three-digit calorie count, but if you press the plus button or turn the Crown far enough, it will change to a four-digit number.

Change Calorie Goal

What Is The Ideal Calorie Goal?

At the time of initial setup, your Apple Watch will probably suggest a goal based on your height, weight, age, level of activity, and other factors. There’s no need to feel obligated to stick with this algorithm because it’s not ideal. If you set a low goal, you can earn the 200%, 300%, and 400% badges if you double or higher your initial target. Your watch might suggest that you raise your goal if you consistently reach it, but you shouldn’t feel pressured to. When their rings can be closed every day, some people are more motivated. Some people seek out challenges. Your ideal move goal will depend on your lifestyle, physical health, personal preferences, and fitness goals. If you’re unsure, keep experimenting to see what works best or ask your doctor for advice. You can change your goals as often as you’d like.

You now know how to modify your Apple Watch’s activity goals! This article explained how to modify the calories on your Apple Watch, the stand goal, and the exercise minutes. You can complete all of this in one location, and setting the right goals will enable you to daily close your Apple fitness rings.

How To Know Which Is The Right Calorie Goal For You?

Except for the fact that Apple has already chosen what is likely the best, there is nothing in the Apple Watch health or activity app that specifically tells you what the best calorie count goal is for you. It begins by basing its actions on the details you provide, like your age, but it gradually makes adjustments.

A chart of activity trends is available if you’ve worn the Watch for more than 180 days; it can be useful. at this time on your iPhone.

  • Launch the Activity app
  • Tap on Trends
  • Press OK on the information screen that appears
  • Scroll down to the Worth a Look section

There are two sections here, but your mileage may vary because everyone’s mileage differs. One is called Keep It Going, which is basically what you’re doing right. The other is Worth a Look, which is where you could or should improve.

Keep with the number you’ve already chosen if the Move goal is listed under Keep it Going. Read the details if it’s listed under Worth a Look to learn whether an increase is advised.

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Can I Turn Off The Reminders?

You can manage which reminders you receive or take a break from exercise using your Apple Watch, of course. Here’s how:

On your phone, open the Apple Watch app and select “Activity.”‘ As needed, turn the switches on and off. The “Stand” competitions, reminders, and other features can be disabled.

My Friends And I Want To Discuss What We Did, Is That Possible?

Yes! All you have to do is open the Activity app (or the Fitness app if you’re using iOS 14 or later) and tap on the “Sharing” tab in the lower right-hand corner. To share your activity with friends, tap the “+” icon and enter their contact information. The word “Send” will appear in the top right corner.

Your friend will be notified that you want to share your activity, and they can decide whether or not to accept it. This is the ideal option for those who want to exercise with others or have an accountability partner to help them get healthier.

How Does Apple Watch Track My Movement?

Your Apple Watch can track your movement in a few different ways, which will help you stay on track with your movement objective. You can start a task first. If your arm isn’t constantly moving—for instance, if you’re pushing a stroller, as Apple suggests—you must do this.

The other way your Apple Watch tracks your movement is through actual movement. Your Watch detects the swing of your arm and records it as a step toward your move goal.

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