Airplay Not Working On Roku – How To Fix It?

Only a select few devices can compete with the Roku system in terms of having an infinite number of apps at your disposal. Many Roku devices can support airplay, which further increases their adaptability. 

When we find AirPlay not working on Roku, it’s annoying. The good news is that the issue typically involves a network or software and is almost always transient.

Restarting your Roku device using the menu or unplugging it from power is the simplest way to get AirPlay working on your Roku. 

I’ll walk you through several proven fixes that worked for me when Roku AirPlay wasn’t functioning for me. You’ll be back to using AirPlay with your Roku shortly.

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Why Does Airplay Not Working On Roku?

Your iOS device, your Roku TV, or your internet connection may all be having problems that prevent you from using AirPlay on your Roku device. However, the majority of AirPlay issues are temporary or connected to the internet and can be fixed with a restart or reset.

Troubleshooting issues with AirPlay is straightforward because it was made to be simple to use and set up with hardly any fiddling.

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Why Do Roku Airplay Disconnects So Frequently?

Now, you won’t experience any code problems, video hiccups, or volume condoms when you connect your Apple device to your Roku device, dispelling any concerns you might have had about possible issues when utilizing this feature. However, some users of Apple and Roku have discovered that AirPlay repeatedly disconnects them without providing them with any kind of signal, which has been avoided.

Ensure that both Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled on your Apple device if Roku AirPlay keeps failing to connect. These features may be disabled on your Apple device if you recently installed a software update, which could be the cause of your Roku device’s persistent disconnections.

When playing a video and finding that AirPlay is interrupted, it could be because the resolution is too high for your network to handle. You must therefore manually change the resolution from 1080P to 720p. You can play video without worrying about your network’s ability to handle the content being thrown at it by lowering the resolution.

Steps To Fix Airplay Issues On Roku

Depending on the issue, Roku AirPlay problems can have a variety of causes, including network issues, brief Roku glitches, and much more.

So, even though it might be difficult to comprehend what went wrong with AirPlay on Roku, there are simple fixes you can try out to see if they resolve your problem.

  1. Although straightforward, restarting your Roku can resolve a variety of short-term problems, making it a good place to start when seeking fixes. When turning it off, be sure to wait a few seconds before turning it back on.
  2. Restart both your modem and router. Since Wi-Fi is a requirement for AirPlay, network connectivity issues may be the cause of your inability to use AirPlay with your Roku. A good way to solve momentary problems with your home network is to restart your router and modem.
    Because AirPlay relies on Wi-Fi, it’s critical that both devices have Wi-Fi turned on and are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Make sure screen mirroring is configured properly before using AirPlay on a Roku device to try and mirror your screen. It only requires a few steps, so if that was the problem, mirroring should start working right away after setup.
  4. For first-step advice on fixing AirPlay problems, contact Apple Support. Apple advises you to check that your AirPlay devices are within hearing distance of one another, verify that both are running the most recent software version, and restart both devices.
    Software updates can occasionally introduce bugs that break specific features, but by staying current, you can be sure to have all the most recent fixes available, reducing the likelihood that problems will arise in the future.
  5. Reset your Roku. Although it may sound drastic and should only be used as a last resort, resetting your Roku can resolve a variety of issues with the software that powers the actual Roku system. Resetting your Roku won’t cause any major problems, but you’ll have to go through and select your settings all over again.
  6. either Roku or Apple support should be contacted. There is a chance that you are having a particular issue with your particular device, despite the likelihood. You can be certain that by speaking with a representative from either business, you will learn whether anything is defective or if there is another solution to your problem.

Tips For Fixing Roku Airplay Music Not Working

Only Apple devices can be used to play any video on a television by Roku users. The possibilities for entertainment with Roku are expanded by their ability to also reflect the music. The sound should be loud and clear when using AirPlay to play music on a Roku device. Continue reading to learn what you can do if the music doesn’t work with your Roku device when using AirPlay.

Make sure you are close to your Roku device in order to establish the necessary solid connections if Roku AirPlay music isn’t working. The Roku device will lose connection or shut down completely if you are too far away, which will stop the music from playing and prevent it from functioning properly.

It might be alluring to attempt to leave while the music is playing if you’re using AirPlay to play music on your Roku device from an Apple device that is conveniently portable. When playing music from your iPhone through a Roku device, it can be very easy to move too far away. If this happens, the connection will be lost, and the music will stop working.

One last thing to remember when using AirPlay to play music on your Roku device is to make sure all of your devices are not muted and that the volume is at a level where it can be heard. Make sure the mute button is switched to the off position and that the volume level is on if you’re using AirPlay on an iPhone. Check everything isn’t unintentionally muted with your Roku device, and all soundbars are playing at a respectable volume.

How To Fix Roku Airplay Music Issues?

Only Apple devices can be used to play any video on television by Roku users. However, they can also reflect the music, which broadens the options for entertainment on Roku. The sound on your Roku device should be loud and clear when playing music via AirPlay. Keep reading to find out what you can do if the music doesn’t work with your Roku device when using AirPlay.

If you are having trouble playing Roku AirPlay music, make sure you are close to your Roku device so that the necessary solid connections can be made. When you are too far away from the Roku device, the connection will either shakily or completely break, which will prevent the music from playing and prevent the device from functioning as intended.

It might be tempting to try to leave while the music is playing if you’re using AirPlay to play music through your Roku device and have an Apple device that is conveniently portable. The connection will be lost and the music will stop working if you use an iPhone and walk too far away from the Roku device that is playing music from your phone.

As a final reminder, make sure to unmute all of your devices and play the music at a volume that can be heard when using AirPlay to play music on a Roku device. Be sure to switch the mute button to the off position and turn on the volume level if you’re using AirPlay on an iPhone. Verify that nothing has been inadvertently muted with your Roku device and that all soundbars are playing at a respectable volume.

How To Resolve Roku Airplay Volume Not Working?

The volume is unreliable in addition to the music not working when attempting to play a specific set using AirPlay with a Roku device. However, when it comes to the functionality of AirPlay and Roku devices, video and images are crucial components. Even if you aren’t just scrolling through pictures, volume is crucial. Continue reading to find out what to do if your Roku TV’s volume control isn’t working when using AirPlay.

If your Roku’s volume is not working when using AirPlay, make sure that no devices have been muted at once. Check that all the wires are laid safely, properly, and without any damage if this is a possibility and you’re using the soundbar with your Roku device.

Try turning off both devices if you discover that all of them are on full volume and that no Roku device with a soundbar is having problems staying stable with its wire. Before turning on your TV again, please turn it off and let it shut off completely. You must first turn off your Apple device, let it run out of power, then turn it back on and test the volume before attempting to use AirPlay once more.

What If Your Roku Is Not Compatible With Airplay?

If your Roku is a few years old, it simply might not have support for AirPlay, even with the latest Roku OS updates.AirPlay is available on most Roku devices that support 4K. 

AirPlay is supported by the Roku TV series 8, 6, 5, 4, and 3, though you might need to update the software. Roku TVs and Roku devices need to be running Roku OS 9.4 (or 10, depending on the device version) or higher, and your IOS must be at least version 12.3. 

It’s possible that your Roku does not support AirPlay if you can’t find the AirPlay option in your Roku TV settings.

To see if AirPlay is a supported feature, I would look up your TV’s model number on the Roku website. 

Steps To Setup Airplay On A Roku TV

To control and cast media to your Roku TV using AirPlay is incredibly simple.

Start by making sure your Roku TV is running the most recent update. 

Next press the Home button on your Roku remote, navigate to Settings, and select Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.

Toggle AirPlay on and set the option you want for when you need to connect with a code, I recommend leaving it on First-Time Only. 

Open the quick actions menu on your Apple device by swiping down the top bar. Tap on Screen Mirroring, and your Roku device should show up on the list.

If you successfully connected, a code should appear on your TV after you tap the device you want to connect to. Type that code into your phone, and screen mirroring will begin right away. 

Open the app you want to use, tap the casting icon in the top right corner, and choose your Roku TV. For example, open a video on YouTube. Additionally, the audio should originate from your TV rather than your phone.

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Can you Airplay to Roku?

Yes, Roku devices now support Apple HomeKit and AirPlay. You can thus mirror your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to specific 4K Roku devices.

How Does Airplay Work With Roku TV?

From the Roku home screen, navigate to Settings > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit and toggle AirPlay to On. If everything is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and you tap the AirPlay icon on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, your Roku device ought to now show up.

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