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How Long Do Rokus Last? Everything You Need To Know

Have you bought Rokus TVs but wondered how long do Rokus last? An average Roku TV should last between three and five years. Depending on use and maintenance, this could go as far as 7-8 years.

Roku is a well-known company that sells digital media products. May 2008 saw the launch of the first Roku TV model. Despite being built for extended use, Roku devices do occasionally have issues. Roku equipment can occasionally slow down, stop working, or become outdated.

Learn more about the Roku lifespan by reading on.

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How Long Does A Roku TV Last?

If you only need a quick response, I’d say it all depends on how you handle your device. All mechanical devices undoubtedly have a death date, but this date can also be raised or lowered.

But, if you generally talk, then a Roku will last for almost 2 to 3 years on average. More or less three years’ worth of entertainment can be found there. If you have a premium Roku device, however, it will occur. Undoubtedly, a Roku device that is average or low-end won’t last very long. Though not as much as a deluxe device, it will keep you occupied for a while.

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Factors That Affect Lifespan Of Roku TV

Many factors greatly influence Roku TV’s lifespan.

The lifespan of Roku TV may vary depending on the popularity of the various brands that designed it.

The lifespan of Roku TVs is influenced by numerous factors. We’ll discuss some of the key elements that have the biggest impact on TV longevity.

Roku TV

Running Hours

Running hours have a significant impact on the Roku TV’s durability. Unrestricted use of a TV reduces its performance and shortens its lifespan. Therefore, it is advised to watch TV with caution. This is not to say that you cannot watch TV for hours on end; you can, of course; just be careful not to watch TV for the entire day. As far as we know, those electrical appliances need a few hours of being unplugged in order to function properly. Your TV’s lifespan and usage can be extended if you choose the number of hours you watch each day.


Roku TV offers a wide range of entertainment options, and users use it to watch episodes and series for hours on end without realizing how negatively the usage hours affect Roku TV’s longevity. Excessive use may also lead to Roku TV overheating. Overheating is indicated by various built-in sensors on Roku TVs. Overheating can damage the wiring and other circuits in your Roku TV, resulting in damage. Because of this overheating, the lifespan of the Roku TV is reduced.

Picture Mode

High-quality images are a requirement for all televisions. Gaming and streaming speed are ineffective with poor visual quality. Several upgrades are necessary for the visual quality of the Roku TV. Gaming modes obstruct the default picture mode. If the default mode is changed, the visual quality will suffer. The picture quality causes Roku TV to age faster. Many consumers choose to buy a new TV because poor picture quality may be a deal-breaker for some people.

Electrical Disturbance

Devices can quickly become damaged by electrical disturbances. Electrical voltage is a major factor for equipment that runs on the electrical current. To function properly, devices require a stable electrical supply. Electrical equipment becomes damaged by even small changes in voltage. Any appliance is susceptible to a short circuit, which is unavoidable. Despite the fact that it cannot be avoided, short circuits happen. By routinely having your electrical wiring tested, you can avoid it.


The efficiency of a Roku TV greatly affects its lifespan.

Roku TVs occasionally experience unexpected failures.

You are helpless to stop the screen from freezing.

The remote control stops functioning in such a circumstance as well.

You might believe that your device is beyond repair, which is sometimes accurate.

The majority of malfunctioning or outdated devices will eventually start to freeze.

Your usage and the brand of your device will determine how long it will be before your screen begins to freeze.


Another crucial element that affects a Roku TV’s lifespan is the firmware version.

Because Roku TV is used for online gaming and streaming, it needs to be properly updated and connected.

If you don’t update it correctly, you might not be able to enjoy the full scope of the entertainment.

In order to stream properly, the firmware version is helpful.

The Roku TV’s overall functionality is disrupted if you don’t update it frequently.

The time frame after which you must update your firmware is specified by Roku.

Go to settings and look for any updates to see if your TV is up to date.

Every other necessary update will also be visible in the settings.

Follow these steps to check for updates on Roku TV:

  1. Press the Home button on the Roku TV remote.
  2. Scroll down to Settings.
  3. Select System and click on System Update.

Verify the firmware’s release.

The last time the device was updated will also be displayed for your convenience.

If there are any additional updates, your Roku TV will typically begin the update and restart your TV automatically.

But it’s always a good idea to keep checking for any fresh updates or unresolved problems.


The brightness of your television is a movable object.

Some people keep their TVs on the brightness setting that came with the TV.


It is possible to use various brightness levels for various settings.

For instance, the brightness level needs to be lower if you’re using Roku TV in a home theater environment.

The Roku TVs in hotels might be very bright.

High brightness TV viewing can be entertaining, but it can also shorten the life of your Roku TV and put a strain on your eyes.


The brands that make Roku TVs have an impact on how long they last.

The quality of these brands can range from poor to excellent.

Known companies like Philips offer incredibly dependable Roku TVs.

You can get a dependable product from well-known and reputable brands.

Nevertheless, the cost of these premium brands may be prohibitive.

A good product is preferable if your budget can be stretched because it will last longer than a cheaper product that might break within a year.


Your Roku TV may start restarting on its own quite frequently, as you may have noticed.

This indicates that it’s time to replace your TV.

It’s possible that there are other causes for rebooting as well, such as update delays.

If it is not a system issue, rebooting is a manageable problem.

To get back up to speed, try a factory restore.

You might need to replace your TV if it keeps rebooting because it has run out of power.

Sometimes Roku TV burns out because of rebooting

Follow these steps to factory reset your Roku TV:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the System option.
  4. Select Advanced System Settings.
  5. In this option, you will see the Factory Reset option.
  6. Choose Factory Reset Everything.

To finish the factory reset procedure, follow the on-screen instructions.

Things To Consider When Caring For Roku TVs

The way you take care of a Roku TV is the same as how you take care of any other TV.

Before purchasing a Roku TV, keep the following in mind for the best possible maintenance and upkeep.

  • As soon as you purchase your Roku TV, remove the plastic packaging.
  • Utilize a sturdy and clean power supply
  • Avoid maximizing the brightness and sound
  • Deep clean the TV regularly
  • Take care of the Remote control
  • Locate it at a relatively cozy temperature

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Pros And Cons Of Roku TV

The Roku TV has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, just like any other gadget.

When considering purchasing a new product, many people may consider the pros and cons.

Examining some of Roku TV’s benefits and drawbacks will help.


1. Memory

When purchasing a device, memory is a crucial factor to take into account.

The overall performance of a device is impacted by memory, just as low memory can affect speed.

Better memory is a crucial requirement for Roku TVs because the Roku model has a substantial amount of games, movies, and channel content.

Inadequate memory causes issues with games and the loading of channels.

The brands produce better and better iterations as we place more emphasis on the most recent models.

The memory on a Roku TV is typically very large.

Everything is available here, no matter where we want to go.

Roku TV is a sizable entertainment resource with a lot of storage, and consumers frequently choose products like this.

2. Variety Of Content

Users of Roku TV have access to a wide range of content.

Netflix and Roku are joint products.

Due to the limited selection of internet streaming and cable streaming options provided by standard TVs, users prefer Roku TV.

It’s inexpensive to buy a cable box.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, HBO, and Roku’s own channel, The Roku Channel, are just a few of the many apps that are available.

You can save the content you want to watch later, just like on Netflix.

With your loved ones and friends, you can also share pictures and videos.

A selection of games is also available on Roku TV. The TV can be used with extra devices.

The video streaming experience is very similar to a theater setting.

Roku TV is popular and desirable as a result of all these features.

3. Reliability

A dependable gadget is Roku TV.

It can satisfy all of your needs, give you a top-notch experience, and last you for three to four years.

The operating system used to create Roku TVs is Linux.

In comparison to less expensive models, a Philips, Hitachi, or JVC Roku TV will last you longer.

4. Setup

Comparatively simple to other TV setups, Roku TV can be set up without much difficulty.

Your Roku TV is directly connected to the power adapter.

You’ll need to connect an HDMI cable to the Roku TV as well as the power adapter for the device.

The other Roku TV setups are also painless.

You must navigate a simple set of settings in order to set a password on your Roku TV.

  1. Go to the Setting section of your Roku TV.
  2. Select WiFi network.
  3. Enter your password.

Using a remote control or a letter picker, you can enter this password.

In addition to this setup, you can use the service by purchasing various programs online.

You must do this by entering your credit card information and creating a Roku account, where you can add all the necessary and reasonably priced channels.

After approving your account, you can use the streaming services from your Roku TV.

5. Voice Search

Kids, people with poor spelling skills, and those who simply don’t feel like typing can all benefit from voice search.

The manufacturers who are providing voice search have a significant advantage.

You can use voice search if you want to watch a movie but are unsure of how to spell the title.

Children can use voice search to find the desired video if they want to watch cartoons.

Never forget to watch over your children while they watch TV.

Voice search is often preferred over typing because sometimes people are too lazy or exhausted to go through the hassle.

Several Roku TV applications support voice search in addition to entertainment content.

Utilizing a voice searcher will enable you to change the sleep timer.

Roku TV will automatically turn off after the time you specify if you give it a voice command to do so.

A variety of Roku TV models include the voice feature.

6. Affordable

Roku TV offers a variety of channels and game content.

It can get very pricey to buy each of these channels separately.

All of these entertainment channels are accessible through Roku TV for no additional cost.

Except for a few channels, Roku TV is free to use.

Several subscriptions are eliminated by Roku TV alone.

Any subscription you buy has an unlimited lifespan once you’ve made it.

No further purchases are required.

This will enable you to manage your finances for TV settings and cables.


Nothing is perfect.

Although Roku TV has a long list of benefits, there are also some undeniable drawbacks.

Here is a list of the drawbacks that Roku TV users report having the most frequently.

1. Updates

Roku TV uses the internet to function, so such gadgets need the right updates.

It can be problematic to update your Roku TV carelessly.

Roku TV’s picture quality suffers when updates are delayed.

Furthermore, proper updates are necessary for Roku TV to operate quickly.

Other than that, content stored in it also needs a WiFi connection to function properly. Different software needs the appropriate updates.

Consequently, only users who are aware of its upkeep and upgrades should use Roku TV.

People who lack the time or energy to handle updates and maintenance may not find this to be a desirable option.

2. Mobility Restrictions

Your Roku TV’s location is important as well.

Unnecessary movement could seriously harm it.

Make sure to leave it in one place rather than pushing it from one place to another.

Damage to monitors could result from frequent and needless jarring.

Moving without a reason can also shorten the life of your TV.

Roku TVs are not recommended for people who move around a lot because they might not be able to withstand constant moving.

3. Remote Control Issues

Users of Roku TV frequently voice their concerns about problems with remote connectivity, specifically that the remote control might suddenly stop functioning.

Before starting the troubleshooting option, keep in mind the type of remote you are using when troubleshooting the remote control.

There are two different types of Roku TV remotes: infrared and Bluetooth.

By opening the remote’s battery cover and looking to see if there is a pairing button, you can determine what kind of remote you have.

If your remote control has a pairing button, it likely has Bluetooth.

Your remote’s infrared signal is used if there is no pairing button.

To see if it helps, try removing the batteries and then reinstalling them after some time has passed.

The remote should now function properly.

Contact the Roku customer service department if it doesn’t; they will be more able to help you.

4. Dependency On High-definition Internet

Internet with high definition performs better with Roku TV.

High-definition internet is only capable of being handled by a select few devices.

A high-resolution image quality like 1080p quality cannot be supported by the majority of devices.

The quality of the content will be distorted if high-definition internet is not available.

Roku TV has a limited user base as a result of these requirements, which may be because the customers would prefer another brand or TV.

Troubleshooting Steps For Roku Stick & Remote

It’s time to buy a new device if yours frequently reboots on its own. You don’t always need to replace a device if it isn’t functioning properly. There are a few options that could help you solve this issue. One of the best potential solutions is a factory data reset. The Roku customer service department is then open for you to call if you have any issues. For your Roku device, here are a few additional troubleshooting steps.
To get your Roku working again, try restarting it. Here are the topmost steps to restart your Roku without any issues:

1. Five times, press the Home button.
2. Now, once press the Up key.
3. Press the Rewind button twice.
4. Twice press the Fast Forward button.
5. As soon as you’ve finished these four steps, your Roku Stick should restart. Update your firmware if this is unsuccessful.

To update the firmware on your Roko, follow these directions.
• To return to the prior screen, press the Home button.
• The Settings menu can be found after you scroll down.
• Select “System Update” from the drop-down menu.
• Click “Check Now” to discover if there are any firmware updates available for your Roku.
• If an update is made available, your Roku device will attempt to update.
• Don’t click anything or attempt to use the device while it is updating. If none of the other suggestions worked, try to reset your Roku device. This usually takes a bit longer than the rest of the process.

Roku TV Vs. Smart TV

Both smart TVs and Roku TVs use online streaming platforms.

Roku TV is less expensive than smart TVs, despite their reputation for online streaming.

More reasonably priced than smart TVs is Roku TV.

In light of this, the most recent model of Roku TV is significantly less expensive than a smart TV.

If you are debating between buying a smart TV and a Roku TV, the latter may be more cost-effective.

Should You Buy A Roku TV?

Every day, more people are using Roku TV.

Their broad selection of streaming options is what has made them so popular. Currently, only a few platforms, including Roku TV, offer cable and internet streaming.

It safeguards the money we pay for the cable box financially. The content you plan to watch list can also be saved. You have access to a selection of your preferred applications. On Roku TVs, you can purchase a low-cost Netflix subscription.

Roku TVs are dependable and durable.

Advantages Of Purchasing A New Roku Model

Streaming technology has made significant advancements in the last five years. Manufacturers are now able to fit faster, better technology into smaller spaces and sell it for less money. Newer Roku models bring significant key differences to the table when compared to older models. This includes:

Better Memory, Speed, And Overall Performance

The onboard graphics acceleration in more recent Roku models enables them to simultaneously display features like video showing and drawing menus while also sending and receiving data. The Roku apps (channels) have grown more complex, which makes it harder for them to load quickly. Roku models without graphic acceleration may make navigation sluggish or even require you to disable some features for better control.

Older Roku models also have slower Wi-Fi connections, which can cause buffering, particularly when streaming high-definition videos. If you are using multiple devices, Roku devices that support the dual-band a/c WiFi standard will give you a better internet connection.

Advanced Remotes

The enhanced remote that comes with more advanced features than the standard IR Roku remote is included with newer Roku models. The improved remote controls are made to make cord-cutting simpler. Even with the newer version, a benefit of Roku remotes is that they work with the majority of Roku media players.

Infrared light from the standard IR Roku remotes is sent to your player. To function, they require a clear line of sight to the player. They won’t function if a wall or piece of furniture is blocking the signal. Compared to their analog counterparts, IR remote controls cost much less.

On the other hand, the improved remote works well no matter which way you point it. In order to communicate commands to your media player, they rely on radio frequency energy. There are a lot of new features included with the advanced Voice remote. it has an in-built mic that you use to search and also issue voice commands. You won’t need two remote controls because it has keys for power, mute, and volume control for the TV.

The upgraded Roku remote has all of those features and more. it is designed with a tiny speaker that emits sounds and acts as a remote finder feature. Two shortcut keys are also available, which can be programmed to open apps and carry out other tasks. Last but not least, users can listen privately with their own headphones thanks to the enhanced voice remote’s headphone jack.

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Do Roku Sticks Burn Out?

It won’t overheat once you keep it away from any electric contact point.

Do Roku Sticks Need to Be Updated?

All Roku TV models and Roku streaming players are designed to ensure they are always running the latest version of software.

How Do You Know When Your Roku is Bad?

Among the first signs that your Roku has gone bad will be the “too hot” issue. Each time it must process multiple commands simultaneously, your Roku will begin to warm up.

Should You Upgrade Your Roku To Improve Your Cord Cutting Experience?

Roku is the primary streaming device used by a sizable portion of Canadians and Americans. This is due to the simplicity and low cost of the majority of Roku products, including Roku sticks, smart TVs that support Roku, and set-top boxes. The majority of electronic stores in the US and Canada also carry them.
Roku introduced some of the first streaming devices over ten years ago. Since then, the company has been able to produce additional generations of boxes, sticks, and countless new technologies, all with different configurations

How Long Is Roku Down For Maintenance?

A Roku box can be used for up to 5 years.


You can read more about the lifespan of your Roku in the article, which we have detailed for you. Devices like Roku are among the most well-liked streaming options, and for good reason. A Roku device is simple to use and offers a huge selection of streaming channels in addition to many other features.

Consider internet connections and whether you can manage the risks that could shorten its lifespan before purchasing.

In addition, if you require any additional information, please let us know in the comment section. We’ll do everything in our power to allay your worries.

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