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Amazon Music Won’t Play On Sonos – What To Do Guide

Never before has playing music wirelessly been so simple, especially when using a Sonos sound system and an Amazon Echo device. But have you ever discovered that sometimes amazon music won’t play on Sonos?

The wireless multi-room Sonos system is the leading indicator of how many of us will listen to music at home in the future. It made a complete music system practical and affordable, enabling you to play music in every room of your home.

Of course, these two systems occasionally experience problems, just like any other technology. Small issues with wireless speakers like Sonos, such as not being able to connect to Wi-Fi, or in this case, using Alexa to play Amazon Music through Sonos, are common.

This is a widespread issue that many people deal with and could be brought on by a number of causes. We will therefore examine the potential causes of the problem and the solutions available to you.

What Is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is a high-end digital streaming service that provides music, podcasts, artist live streams, curated playlists, and more. Use the Amazon Music app to take your music with you wherever you go while listening on your preferred devices.

Regardless of how you prefer to listen, Amazon Music has a selection to suit your tastes:

Amazon Music Unlimited

Get offline listening and unlimited skips, as well as on-demand, ad-free access to more than 75 million songs (tens of millions in Canada). Any song, anywhere, even recently released music, should be played. When you listen to music in HD, you can experience Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio for spatial audio and hear music as the artist intended.

Visit to sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited. Next, open the Sonos app, and from the Browse tab, select Amazon Music to begin.

Included With Prime

2 million songs are available to Prime subscribers, all of which are ad-free and free to stream. Enjoy unlimited skips, offline listening, and the hand-curated collection in addition to thousands of stations and top playlists.

Or, Listen to Free

Without a credit card, anyone can access a huge selection of thousands of stations and top playlists that are supported by advertisements.

Due to a partnership with Twitch, millions of podcast episodes and live streams from artists are available to all Amazon Music listeners.

What To Do If Alexa Cannot Play Amazon Music On Sonos?

Check Basic Issues First

Check for any obvious problems that could be the cause of Alexa not playing Amazon Music on Sonos if you discover this.

You should first check to see if your Sonos speaker’s microphone status light is on. Try your command again after tapping the microphone icon to enable the feature if the light isn’t on. By muting any background noise, you can be sure that Alexa can hear you.

Make sure your Amazon account is only linked to one Sonos system, then check again. Each Amazon account can only be used with one Sonos system at a time at the moment. You will either need a second Amazon account if you are connected elsewhere, or you will need to deactivate your Amazon account on the other Sonos system.

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Reset Your Sonos Skill

If Alexa still won’t play Amazon Music on Sonos, you can try resetting your Sonos Skill which is easily done.

Click the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the Alexa app to access it. Then, select “Skills and Games” and then “Your Skills Sonos” from the drop-down menu. Simply select “Disable skill” when you get there.

You can try playing Amazon Music through Sonos again by selecting “Enable Skill” once more after a short while.

Get Sonos Support From A Digi Advisor.

Is Alexa still unable to play Amazon Music through Sonos? Afterward, you might have to de-register your devices.

To accomplish this, disable voice control in the Sonos App. Then you will need to go to “Amazon Alexa” in the Sonos app settings. “Remove Alexa” should be clicked.

Ensure that you have signed out of all Amazon apps on the device. The primary Amazon app is also included in this. Alexa and Sonos should now be completely unconnected, putting you back where you started.

Open the Sonos app once more and restart Alexa from scratch. When you log back into your Amazon account, you will be given instructions on what to do next.

Check Your Amazon Music Account Has No Restrictions Before Using Sonos

If Alexa won’t play Amazon Music on Sonos when you have an Amazon Echo, your account may have a device limit. In plain English, this means that using an Echo device will give you full access to music, whereas using a Sonos system will only give you access to song previews or nothing at all.

This can be fixed by upgrading to the full Amazon Music subscription, but it will cost more than your current plan.

Using Alexa To Play Amazon Music On Sonos

These are the most frequent reasons why Alexa won’t play music from Amazon on your Sonos speaker. Fortunately, if you use one of these solutions to solve the issue, you shouldn’t run into it again.

Incomplete setups are the main culprit for most problems that arise when using Alexa and Sonos together. Fortunately, this can be quickly fixed. If Alexa consistently refuses to play music from Amazon Music on Sonos, you can contact Sonos directly, and they will troubleshoot your issue.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our The staff at Digi Helpdesk is always happy to respond to your questions.

If you use Sonos with Spotify, you might encounter similar issues when connecting to your Spotify account, this is another common problem users come across, but luckily has an easy fix.

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Steps To Add Amazon Music To Sonos On Computers

You can quickly and easily play Amazon Music through Sonos once you’ve established the connection between Amazon Music and Sonos on your mobile devices. Additionally, you have the option of streaming Amazon Music from your computer to a Sonos speaker. Here’s how to cast Amazon Music to Sonos from a Mac or Windows computer.

You require the following in order to install Amazon Music on your Sonos speaker:

A Sonos speaker connected to a Wi-Fi network

An Amazon Prime account or subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited

A computer that’s signed in to the Sonos Controller app

1. Amazon Music On Sonos For Mac Or PC

Step 1. Open the Sonos app on your Mac or PC.

Step 2. Go to the Select a music source section and click on Add Music Services.

Step 3. To add your Amazon Music account, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Step 4. Using your Sonos speaker, choose a song or playlist to play from Amazon Music.

2. Airplay Amazon Music From Mac

Step 1. Open Amazon Music on your Mac, and then sign in with your Amazon credentials.

Step 2. Select a song or playlist to play on Amazon Music then open your Mac’s System Preferences and click Sound.

Step 3. In the Output tab, choose your An AirPlay stream will start on a Sonos speaker.

3. Stream Amazon Music From The PC

Step 1. Open Amazon Music on a PC and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step 2. Enter Amazon Music and search for the music you want to listen to.

Step 3. Launch the Settings app on the computer and then select Devices.

Step 4. In the Bluetooth & Other Devices tab, click Add Bluetooth or other devices.

Step 5. Select your Sonos speaker and click the OK button.

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What Sonos locations offer Amazon Music?

Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States all have access to Amazon Music via Sonos.

How do I operate Sonos using the Amazon Music app?

By following the instructions in Amazon’s casting article, you can manage Sonos directly from the Amazon Music app. Even if you are not using Alexa with Sonos, you should be aware that the Sonos skill needs to be enabled in your Alexa app.

Do I have access to the music I bought from Amazon (e.g. MP3s) through my Sonos system?

Yes, all of the music you’ve bought up to this point is stored in your Amazon Music Library, which can be accessed using the Amazon Music app and a Sonos controller.

Final Words

You can add Amazon Music to the Sonos speaker’s app, log in, and then play your preferred music whenever you want. However, only users in a few countries can use this feature. It doesn’t matter.

If Amazon Music won’t Play on Sonos, try the above solutions. Hopefully, this article can assist you in fixing the issue.

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