VEWIOR Hepa Air Purifier

VEWIOR Hepa Air Purifier Review 2022

Whether you have pets, allergies, or find that your house often has a musty smell, an air purifier is a quick and convenient way to clear the air of any undesirables.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good options out there such as the VEWIOR Hepa Air Purifier that makes purifying your air easy and affordable.

About the Item

The VEWIOR Hepa Air Purifier features:

  • H13 True Hepa Air Filter Cleaner
  • PM 2.5 Sensor
  • Auto Mode
  • Child Lock
  • CABR certification
  • FCC certification
  • ETL certification
  • Quiet Operation

This air purifier has a coverage area of up to 1,100 square feet, which makes it a great air purifier for large rooms.

It is on the smaller side but is still packed with convenient features such as its four adjustable fan speeds and a child lock so that small children do not mess around with it.

It features a 360 degree air intake and contains an H13 air filter which is great for home use and will filter out dust, odors, pet hairs, and more.


At around $90, this air purifier is more of a high-range option when it comes to smaller air purifiers. Considering its many features and decent coverage area, $90 is a fair price for this air purifier.

Pros and Cons

On the positive side, it has an 1,100 square feet coverage area, which is more than enough for any room and can even be used in a central area of the house and still maintain its effectiveness.

VEWIOR Hepa Air Purifier

It is also lightweight coming in at just above five pounds, which makes it a nice portable option for home use.

On the negative side, though it is light, there are no handle grips or convenient ways to move it around. Its shape also makes it best to put it in more of a central spot in the room instead of a corner—which may become inconvenient.

What Others Are Saying

The VEWIOR is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and has over 150 ratings. One five-star review said:

I have a very large open floor plan downstairs in my house. This purifier purifies the air in that entire space. You can tell a difference in the smell of the air as well. We don’t live in an area of high smog, but we do have a lot of allergens and dirt/dust in the air. We purchased this during Covid and when I was pregnant. Excellent for what we needed it for. The filter also lasts a very long time and it tells you when you need to change it. There are different levels of filtering, there is nice lights, and it is very quiet. We love the sleep mode.

On the opposite end, a one-star review mentioned: “…Unfortunately, it’s not getting rid of smells in the air like the one I got at home Depot…”

Final Verdict

Overall, the VEWIOR Air Purifier is a great choice for those needing an air purifier for home use. It has a surprisingly large coverage area for its size and multiple advanced and convenient features. While, due to its shape, it’s a bit awkward to move around, it is lightweight and small.

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