Is a Kindle Worth It? Honest Review 2022

Is a kindle worth it? If you enjoy reading and don’t want to spend money on extra services or gadgets that you don’t require, you may ask yourself that question frequently.

Kindles are classified as “e-readers”, and are different from smartphones and tablets because they have a special kind of screen called “e-ink displays” that are designed to mimic the look and feel of physical paper.

If you read a lot of books, Kindle is definitely worth the investment. Since Kindle edition books are typically less expensive than paperback or hardcover versions of the same book, you can typically pay off the cost of a Kindle Paperwhite even if you only read 20 to 25 books.

I’ll let you know who the Kindle is best suited for and who shouldn’t get one. I’ll also demonstrate to you how quickly a Kindle purchase should allow you to recoup your investment! That, and much more!

Who is a Kindle For?

Kindles are fantastic for people who generally enjoy reading, but just want to have some extra convience that can simplify their hobby. Some of these convenient features include:

  • hundreds of ebooks can be stored.
  • most other file types can be converted into ebooks.
  • eBooks are cheaper overall compared to physical books.
  • Very portable and small in size.

Overall, a Kindle has few drawbacks and provides a ton of convenience for book lovers.

Is It Better to Buy Physical Books Or Read on Kindle?

Reading on a Kindle is generally preferable to reading physical books. Eco-friendly and economical, reading books on a Kindle. When traveling and commuting, Kindle is also easy to transport. Kindle also enables immediate access to books after purchase!

Reading on a Kindle is superior to purchasing physical books for a number of reasons.


But, here are a few quick reasons why Kindle is better than physical books –

  1. Cost-effective – Reading Kindle books is typically less expensive than purchasing physical books, as we saw in the previous section.
  2. Convenience – The Kindle is very portable as well. Compared to physical books, which can easily weigh 500 grams or more, this item weighs just 205 grams.
  3. Access to Thousands of Books – Additionally, using Kindle gives you constant access to thousands of books. These numerous physical books are simply too numerous to store or carry around your house.
  4. Environment-friendly – By eliminating the need for paper because Kindle books don’t require it, you help save trees!
  5. Instant Access to Books – A physical book usually takes a few days to arrive after you order it. Additionally, if you are out of town, you will have to wait until you return to order or pick up the book. The Kindle books on your device, however, are instantly accessible!

Disadvantages of a Kindle

Really, there isn’t much to dislike about Kindles. All things considered, the price is reasonable, and they provide a wealth of features focused on one activity: reading eBooks.

Having said that, you should consider these Kindle disadvantages before making a purchase.

Kindles Are Rather Slow

Kindles are a little slow if you’re used to using smartphones and tablets.

While you won’t notice it when switching from page to page, typing information in, waiting for menus to load, and looking for new books all take noticeably longer than they should.

As a result, you’ll probably do the majority of your book searching on your computer or smartphone before sending it directly to your Kindle or purchasing it there.

You can do this on the Kindle as well, but it takes a lot longer and isn’t all that enjoyable.

A Kindle Isn’t Quite Like Reading a Book

A Kindle has a ton of features and conveniences that make life much easier for book lovers.

The reading experience on a Kindle is unique in this regard. A Kindle won’t give you the same experience as reading a book would.

the sensation of holding a book in your hands, turning the pages, smelling the ink, and so forth. is not present on a Kindle.

The physical nature of physical books is one of the reasons they continue to sell so well and haven’t been supplanted by eBooks or audiobooks.

This tactile experience is actually very significant. Readers retain information noticeably better from physical books than from eBooks, according to studies.

The obvious explanation for this is that readers anchor information in books to particular smells, pages, paragraph locations on pages, etc., because books are much more physically tangible.

You Don’t “own” Purchased EBooks

With any digital media whether it’s digital copies of movies, music you buy from iTunes, ebooks you buy from Amazon, or audiobooks from Audible, you don’t actually “own” the item even if you paid for it. You are actually buying a license to use the file.

Therefore, even if you paid for it, if a publisher or author removes their eBook from Amazon or Kindle, it no longer appears in your library and cannot be read again.

The only exception is if the eBook was downloaded to your device prior to removal. As long as you don’t run out of storage, any eBook downloads you already have on your device are safe from Kindle.

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What is Kindle Unlimited?

The e-book service offered by Amazon is called Kindle Unlimited. As long as your subscription is active, you can select from a selection of millions of books, magazines, and audiobooks and read as many as you like.

How Do I Download Kindle Books?

You’ll link your Amazon account to a Kindle when you set it up. Once you’ve done that, you can buy an ebook from Amazon, and you’ll have a “Send to Kindle” option when you check out. Similar steps apply when borrowing a Kindle book from the library; after you’ve checked it out, you’ll go straight to Amazon to have it sent to your Kindle.

Which Kindle is Worth Buying?

The best Kindle to buy is the Kindle Paperwhite. Of all the Kindles, it offers the best price/quality ratio. It has a better screen resolution and front light than the standard Kindle, is waterproof, and has a warm light that can be adjusted.

Final Words: Do You Need a Kindle to Improve Your Reading Experience?

A Kindle will enhance your reading experience if you are a voracious reader. It is simpler to have a selection of books close at hand. Any book you want to bring along won’t add weight to your bag because the Kindle never gets heavier. It’s more likely that you’ll carry it around with you than a typical book.

You’re more likely to try new books and broaden your horizons if you receive regular book discounts and the option to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. You can nonetheless still do this by visiting a bookstore or looking online for hard copies.

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