Description of Services

Evaluation of Home's Energy & Physical Issues, which includes:

  • Meeting with the homeowner to identify concerns regarding comfort, energy use and/or related issues.  I observe insulation, doors and windows, appliances,  potential water issues, combustion safety, ventilation
  • Reviewing historical energy bills 
  • Delivery of our Home Performance Report, a customized comprehensive report, which includes:
    • Summaries of observations, test data & analysis
    • Detailed, budget conscious energy saving recommendations 
    • Relevant operational & maintenance recommendations
    • Estimated savings from undertaking the recommendations
  • Development of an Implementation Plan - at a client's request, we will provide:
    • A detailed Work Proposal which includes all fees and costs of installation labor and materials
  • Financial Analysis which analyzes the cost of the Proposal in light of:Cost effectiveness.  Return on investment and Payback period
  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified: Professional Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist
  • Maryland Home Improvement Contractor
  • Maryland registered Architect
  • Maryland licensed Home Inspector


  • Mold Inspection and Assessment
  • Lead Renovator
  • OSHA 30-HR


  • Master of Architecture - University of Utah
  • Bachelor of Interior Design - University of Utah





I am the only company employee, so rest assured when you book an audit with LIVE GREEN I will be doing the audit and working closely with you to help realize your homes comfort and efficiencies. 

LIVE GREEN has the expertise and relationships to provide our clients with true full-service energy performance contracting, which means we are available to implement the energy efficiency improvements that have been recommended in our Home Performance Report in accordance with our high quality standards, in a timely manner, and to serve your best interests.  

All arrangements are made by LIVE GREEN.  We do all the paperwork necessary to complete the project and submit to PEPCO for you to receive your rebate in a timely manner.

We use a subcontractor who has one air sealing and insulation crew and has had the same 4 workers for the last 7 years.  I am there for the entire project as I also help the crew and make sure all is done correctly.