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Provides a real-time image of hot and cold surfaces.  Can be used to determine whether or not a wall or cathedral ceiling has insulation.  Is useful in identifying potential water leaks.  With the blower-door running you can easily see 'air streaming' at air leakage locations.

Live Green LLC, founded in 2007 to help homeowners realize a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

We are PEPCO approved for energy audits and home efficiency improvements for Maryland's Montgomery and PG Counties.

Check out PEPCO's awesome incentives:

A $100 subsidized Maryland PEPCO audit makes you eligible for fantastic cash incentives when you have the air sealing and insulation improvements completed.  AND there are incentives for replacing your electric HVAC (air conditioning, heat pump) systems. 




How much heating and cooling are you losing/gaining throughout the year?  This test determines that amount and probable places where this is occurring.



Every home is unique.  Making sure your home has proper ventilation to maintain the correct number of air changes per hour for a healthy environment is extremely important.

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Testing your gas, propane or oil fired combustion appliances (Furnace, Domestic Hot Water, Oven) to make sure they are venting properly meaning dangerous flue gasses are not venting back into the home.

Michael Whelan is uniquely qualified for the energy efficiency field. He has 29+ years of design and construction experience as a Maryland registered Architect; 11+ years as an energy efficiency auditor and consultant; 11+ years as a Maryland Home Improvement Contractor; and more recently 2+ years as a Home Inspector.

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